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2014 Toyota Recall

more than 1,700 000 vehicles

2014 Toyota Recall In 2014 Toyota recall, more than 1,700 000 vehicles are going to be recalled in Asia, Europe, Middle East and US. Purpose of this big recall is to deal with brakes and fuel system malfunction in vehicles produced between 2005 and 2014.

New Toyota Supra!

We will soon be able to drive around in a Supra again

New Toyota Supra! The Toyota model Supra was a sports car produced by Japan based company Toyota from 1979 to 2002. Rumors have been suggesting that the Supra name would be making a comeback and the fact that Toyota has just renewed the "Supra" trademark registration that expired back in 2006, leads us to the one logical conclusion: we will soon be able to drive around in a Supra again. Now a report with Singapore's The Business Times claims that Toyota boss Akio Toyoda, a noted motorsport enthusiast, has issued a new order: "Make a successor to the Supra as soon as possible".

Camry Commute

Toyota Android App

Camry Commute Camry Commute is app for Android from Toyota USA. With this app you can track your daily commute accumulate points for the chance to win a lot of prizes.

Toyota Yaris for Android

Toyota Android App

Toyota Yaris for Android Toyota Motor Europe have new android app for us. It's called Toyota Yaris and in app description on Google Play says - The New Toyota Yaris See the new Toyota Yaris in all its glory with the new Yaris App

Tips for buying used Toyota car

Smart decision - Toyota is high quality car

Tips for buying used Toyota car If you've decided to buy a used Toyota, you've already made a smart decision. Toyota is known for making very high quality cars. The value of used Toyota vehicles is high, so there is some things that you should know if you are going to buy used car.
What is Owner's manual?
Owner's manual is a book with instructions for everyday car use. It usually comes with the brand new car, but if you've bought used car it's normal to miss it. We have large collection of auto owners manuals for Toyota vehicles on our website. Go and get 'em (read online or download as PDF).
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