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Toyota Sequoia NAV: Route guindance

Navigation Owners Manual

Route guindance is part of Toyota Sequoia Navigation manual. Learn how to guide the root, set up distance and time destination, display POI and use XM Nav Traffic.

Route guidance

Route guidance screen

  • During route guidance, various types of guidance screens can be displayed depending on conditions.

Typical voice guidance prompts

  • The voice guidance provides various messages as you approach an intersection, or other point where you need to maneuver the vehicle.

Distance and time to destination

  • When the vehicle is on the guidance route, the distance and the estimated travel/arrival time to the destination are displayed.
  • When the vehicle is not on the guidance route, the distance and the direction of the destination are displayed.
  • When driving on the guidance route and more than one destination is set, the distance and the estimated travel/arrival time from the current position to each destination are displayed.

Setting and deleting destinations

Adding destinations

Reordering destinations

Deleting destinations

Setting route

Detour setting

  • While the route guidance is operating, you can change the route to detour around a section of the route where a delay is caused by road repairs, or an accident, etc.

Route overview

Route preference

Pausing and resuming guidance

Show on map

Display POI* icons

Route trace

XM NavTraffic

  • The XM NavTraffic service that allows the navigation system to display traffic information on the map is available if your satellite radio tuner can receive traffic information.
  • To receive the XM NavTraffic service, a subscription to the XM Satellite Radio with NavTraffic is necessary.
  • The XM NavTraffic is available in the contiguous 48 U.S. states and some Canadian cities. For details about the XM NavTraffic service coverage area, refer to (U.S.A.) or (CANADA).

For all other issues please refer Toyota Sequoia Owners manual and Toyota Sequoia Navigation System Quick reference guide

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