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Diagnostic Trouble Codes

That 'Check Engine" yellow lamp could be anoying! It could be a minor or a major problem, so If this lamp is on, you should go to the near mechanic.

But if You have OBD-II reader connected to your Toyota car, here are some Toyota specific OBD 2 diagnostic trouble codes.

P1100 Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit Fault 
P1120 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction 
P1121 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Range/Performance Problem 
P1125 Throttle Control Motor Circuit Malfunction 
P1126 Magnetic Clutch Circuit Malfunction 
P1127 ETCS Actuator Power Source Circuit Malfunction 
P1128 Throttle Control Motor Lock Malfunction 
P1129 Electric Throttle Control System Malfunction 
P1130 A/F Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Malfunction (Bank #1 Sensor #1) 
P1133 A/F Sensor Circuit Response Malfunction (Bank #1 Sensor #1) 
P1135 A/F Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank #1 Sensor #1) 
P1150 A/F Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Malfunction (Bank #2 Sensor #1) 
P1153 A/F Sensor Circuit Response Malfunction (Bank #2 Sensor #1) 
P1155 A/F Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank #2 Sensor #1) 
P1200 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Fault 
P1300 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #1) 
P1305 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #2) 
P1310 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #3) 
P1315 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #4) 
P1320 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #5) 
P1325 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #6) 
P1330 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #7) 
P1335 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Fault (during engine running) 
P1340 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #8) 
P1400 Sub-Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Fault 
P1401 Sub-Throttle Position Sensor Performance 
P1500 Starter Signal Circuit Fault 
P1510 Air Volume Too Low With Supercharger On 
P1520 Stop Light Switch Signal Malfunction 
P1600 ECM Battery Back-up Circuit Fault 
P1633 ECM Malfunction (ETCS Circuit) 
P1605 Knock Control CPU Fault 
P1700 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Fault 
P1705 Direct Clutch Speed Sensor Circuit Fault 
P1765 Linear Shift Solenoid Circuit Fault 
P1780 Park Neutral Position Switch Fault

Please also consider your owners manual first.

Taken from Car Owners ManualsToyota Specific OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes


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