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If you've decided to buy a used Toyota, you've already made a smart decision. Toyota is known for making very high quality cars. The value of used Toyota vehicles is high, so there is some things that you should know if you are going to buy used car.

First of all you should find local used car dealers and check out reviews for that specific model. A used Toyota must match its description, be fit for its purpose, and be of satisfactory quality.

However, the standard for meeting the requirement that the used car is of satisfactory quality will be lower because it is already used. A second-hand Toyota should be in reasonable condition and run properly.

When deciding whether a used Toyota is in reasonable condition it is important to consider the model's age and make, the past history of the car and how much you paid for it.

Some other tips for buying used Toyota:

  • Estamate value of Toyota by yourself.
  • Only enter into negotiations with a salesperson with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Make an opening offer that is low, but in the ballpark.
  • Decide ahead of time how high you will go and leave when your limit's reached.
  • Walk out - this is your strongest negotiating tool.
  • Be patient - plan to spend an hour negotiating in a dealership, less for private parties.
  • Leave the dealership if you get tired or hungry.
  • Don't be distracted by pitches for related items such as extended warranties or anti-theft devices.
  • A "closer" salesman may try to improve the deal before you reach a final price.
  • Check is owners manual availble for your Toyota

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