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New Toyota Supra!

We will soon be able to drive around in a Supra again

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The Toyota model Supra was a sports car produced by Japan based company Toyota from 1979 to 2002. Rumors have been suggesting that the Supra name would be making a comeback and the fact that Toyota has just renewed the "Supra" trademark registration that expired back in 2006, leads us to the one logical conclusion: we will soon be able to drive around in a Supra again. Now a report with Singapore's The Business Times claims that Toyota boss Akio Toyoda, a noted motorsport enthusiast, has issued a new order: "Make a successor to the Supra as soon as possible".
This evidence may all be there, but no one should expect the Supra anytime soon as Toyota is still busy fiddling around with their version of the FT-86. As if trying to outdo Subaru’s FT-86 wasn’t enough. Toyota is also planning on a new MR2 rumored to debut in 2013. So the Supra will be anything but chilling on the backburner until about 2015.
The last generation Supra was powered by a turbo engine with an output of 320 HP at 5600 rpm and 315 lbs-ft of torque, but don’t expect the same to happen with the next generation Supra.
The project is in its very early stages, Tada says, and it remains to be seen if the new models would be offered exclusively as coupes, convertibles, or both.


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